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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jodie's 3/D Poly Resin Nativity Set is in production and ready for ordering. They are being distributed throughout the United States, Canada and Europe by Dickson's Gifts of Seymour Indiana. We are showing a Pre-Paid Order form above. We will be ordering a limited supply for the Gallery in Marblehead, OH. If you would like to place an order, click on the image above for a larger version - fill out the form and mail it to the gallery or stop at the Gallery, if you are in the area, and drop the order form off. 419-798-3318.

Jodie entertains a tour group from Tiffin, OH. The tour group was shown how a children's book is developed. Starting from the manuscript from the publisher, to the rough sketches generated by Jodie, and then forwarded to the publisher for comments or a "go" to finished artwork.
The group was also treated to coffee and bakery and each person received a gift bag filled with greeting cards and a book mark that was designed by Jodie.
If you would like to schedule a tour group of 12 to 26 people, just contact the gallery for the details. 419-798-3318 or
Over 100 visitors enjoyed an afternoon & evening of smooth jazz and cool blues by Keith Barber, and the skills of Colin Budd at the pottery wheel. Benjamin Budd (not shown) demonstrtated his expertice in the art of sterling silver jewelry design. The food was provided by La Habana, a little Cuban Restaurant located just a few doors away from the gallery. Wine was flowing and many people mentioned what a great time they had at the event. The next event will be on July 18th from 1:00pm to 8:00pm. C'mon down and see what you have been missing, bring some friends!
Haley, a young and up and coming artist visits the gallery. She was one of 60 artists that was selected to be featured in the gallery. Jodie & her husband, Grant, were asked to judge an art show by the elementary students of Danbury school.

21 month old Emma shows Jodie how good she can color - she climbed up on Jodie's chair and made Jodie a nice picture, Mom signed Emma's name and it is hanging on the wall next to Jodie's drawing table.
A young artist and his eager sister help Jodie with her latest book. The artist encourages young artists to participate when she is working on a piece of artwork, when time permits.

Monday, June 15, 2009

If you are traveling to or through the "Lake Erie Islands & Shores" on the Saturday the 20th of June, make sure to stop in at the McCallum Gallery and sample the "Art of it All," on the Gallery Patio. - fine jazz, fine food, fine wine & demonstrations by fine artists. Experience why this venue is enjoyed by so many, be apart of the festivities as we offer all of the arts - the Performing, Visual & Culinary.
See you on the patio from 1:00pm - 8:00pm. Saturday the 20th of June.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Two new releases by Jodie McCallum. One shows antique cars at Put-in-Bay, this is a Sunday afternoon ritual and attracts hundreds if not thousands of kids of ALL ages. Candy is thrown from the cars to eager kids waiting on the sidewalks. Jodie has taken a little "Artistic License," as she is showing children throwing candies to the older folk - kids like to fantisize you know!
The second Illustration shows the children of Lakeside, OH enjoying the end of another fun summer. Some are walking home from the beach, while others are enjoying painting, reading, planting flowers, birding and a host of other fun things. This little community is called the Chautaugua of Lake Erie, as it is a learing center to enrich the quality of life for all people, to also, foster traditional Christian values and nurture relationships through opportunity for renewal and growth. Lakeside has been preserving these values and heritage for over 135 years. So welcome "Sunday Afternoon at Put-in-Bay" and "Lakeside-The Chautaugua of Lake Erie"
The original artwork and signed and numbered, Limited Edition Prints are available.