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Saturday, April 25, 2009

....the only modification by the editor was to "turn the boys head, so the apple looked more 3 dimentional." Jodie has started to transfer the other approved images to her watercolor art board, in preparation for the finished full color pages in this book. It will take her sevral weeks, about a month, give or take a week to complete the book. I will be posting one spread (2 pages) of the completed artwork.
The book will be forwarded to the publishing company in stages. This allows the graphic artists to begin their work in scanning and composing the lettering that goes on each page. If they had to wait for the Illustrator (Jodie), to complete all of the artwork, it would be difficult for the graphic artist to complete their job and still meet press deadline. This book will be printed in China, (we have no choice in this matter). The color separations will be forwarded to the printing company in China and it will be their responsibility to complete the printing and binding of the book by late August for shipment to the warehouses of the various book stores......look for the full color page posting of one of the spreads shortly.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

....the pages 20 and 21, shown here, are in rough sketch form. This allows the editor the chance to review what the artist has interpreted from the supplied manuscript. We are only showing One two page spread as the book contains 16 spreads and would be a little redundant to explain the same proceedure repeatedly.
The Editor reviews the sketches and makes any modifications at this phase. If the Editor wants changes after this point it gets a little expensive, as the Illustrator has to change the Illustratiion in question, to conform to the changes requested. Kinda like building a house and changing the blue prints after the fact!
We will show you the sketches, when we get them back from the Editor, that reflect any changes. Until then, have a great day.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Have you ever wondered how a children's book is created? Well we will walk you through the various stages. Be sure to stop in the Gallery and monitor it's progress. This image is the cover of a new Halloween Book (Fall Festival). It has been commissioned by a publisher in Birmingham, AL,. The manuscript has been approved and forwarded to the Jodie McCallum studio and gallery in Marblehead, OH. The interior pages have been sketched to follow the manuscripts storyline. A copy of the sketches will be forwarded to the publisher for review, they will make any adjustments that they want at this stage. The sketches will be overnighted on Friday, April 17th. So do stop by and view the beginning stage of this books creation. Images, in sketch form, will be shown as the next step...............